Tomorrow the sky is yellow with the washed out dreams of a boy who loved to pray. I’ve been trying to interpret meaning from impulses and the flash backs as my seizure sends me crashing, tumbling through the empire of walls, the cardboard halls they used to restrain you. The images come through my brain, a synapse or insane to maintain.

My pulse is slipping into the wires, a doped massacre. Now my veins are ice cathedrals and promises are the irony of my pain. God is helpless in her mask of shame, a garland of poppies and daisy-chains…

Her son was an unborn fetus reborn a star
a dream that wandered off too far
I recall the sky before the mountain was sold
they said they’re turning your trees into gold
and your heart is a chain link across mine
as the shallow world is freezing cold
I’m sinking slowly in the quicksand of time
and I’m scared because they’ll call whats criminal


I just woke up from a trip to the other side
one in the back of my mind
and the other one, ruled by seven moons
but I have glorified them, in their controlling
scheme, because I took…

looking for a cross hidden with power
under forgotten oak leaves; a past broken
she kept her vows secret, to sleep right
as they nursed her with poisoned melodies
while in her head voices rose to celebrate
to conquer power; immaculate words
in the unspoken fight

they were sinners; lovers of adventures
my heart was captured; and rendered
to the bentonite dreams of an anarchist
the actors in this terrible show were real
the apocalypse that I forgot; was as beautiful
as the false memory that justified this
iconic decade of orphaned fantasies

Televised lies about a war fought and…

I was eight years old and my mother had secrets

She was supposed to be with him

Some guy named Jim she’d met in high school

a sweet heart affair that led to suicide she almost died

and everyone she knew had lost their own minds

FBI interrogations, blacked out evidence

I can’t forget how that man fooled the nation

and a solution that was permanent

She had a beautiful life before the Prozac and

wheel chairs, but her beauty was hidden behind

the nations worst tragedy and profitable conspiracies

those rotten pipelines and news stories that didn’t

expose the…


You’ve been studying the spaces between us
as you brush my hair with your fingertips
the palms of your hands lingering
on the dawn of a new revolution
You don’t know the secret or do
You have evidence of the greater truth
You can’t stop him, devotee
I set the captive free; you’ll never know
that useful instrument you lost
had cost the world to me.

They’ll throw me to the lions,
let the rage devour our silence
going insane to find meaning here
in every stolen emotion; queer
still frozen in a static dissolution
those mechanical connections
twisted circuitry for the cavalry
because she will…

In 3 billion years the Andromeda Galaxy will merge with the Milky Way galaxy and render our planet Earth obsolete.

Before that, “the collective” a group of telepaths and astral dreamwalkers will take over the entire universe. These genius leaders will revolutionize all that we see and can do. Opening roads for tourism in the galaxies of aether.

We have the crystal generation — these children are telekinetic, they can merely will a small object to move with their minds (some of them are electrakinetic) therefore able to surmount the entire electrical power-grid.

Than there are the sun-seeds, descendents of…

Not all of it is distressing but I guess they are called “confirmation delusions” I mean I know being psychic is not technically possible. I know that some other stuff I experienced was technically impossible. I am not the only one online noticing this, so many people are saying we’re in the apocalypse. My dad said that people have been saying that forever, and usually during upheaval or world-shifts.

Sometimes its mass hysteria or mass beliefs that can spread like wildfire. Im uncomfortable because I know I have a creative mind, and subconscious but medication wont save me from my…


In the future, the dreamer's of resistance would recruit subjects to counter-the-evils of elite gov. overreach. The eyes were all around us, and truth was no longer free. The enlightened were forced to hide in the shadows — reliving the darkness for eternity, and yet the bright eternal flame could not be snuffed out — and the government wanted to know why. Fear permeated the resistance, and they began to turn on each other.

They made the excuse that the truth-tellers were leading the world astray, as mere puppets to a machine…

Bipolar ramblings

The world fell asleep; her voice softly sang the song of white flowers in the morning dew stirred deeply as if the Goddess remembered her stories inside of the temple; we prayed to the phoenix flames as a red beast sang violence stirring beneath her feet — the babies they trembled and cried at last–at long last — would this madness end? When would it not be her imagination? Pretending that her dreams and visions were true revelations, as the premonitions became real.

An imperfect angel had fallen, fallen so low from the highest of highs, broken wings…

I’m not a clown but my voice was drowned In a courageous chorus of sounds

“Take your pills” I’m kneeling before the drain, wishing away the demons in my brain. It’s actually a theater. I see all these people laughing and drinking liquor around me as I slowly walk toward the plank, just a white pill. I wake up with amnesia of yesterday.

I’m staring ahead at the horizon, that pointed skyline with purpose. The satellites have gone silent, to bring us emergency food and we are headed for new shelter. Somehow I keep thinking about a white winter-land world…

Gabrielle Bryant

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