in every moment

walking with the unchanging mind
of peace

leaving no one behind

no door locked from the outside
no body chained from
the inside

no regrets for
what they cant hide
praying for God’s eternal

to illuminate the path
from the hounds who bite
those that incite
those dog days to fight

for words for strife
against the wards they put up
words on our lives

God can see inside your prison
its time to wake up right



I used to play you on repeat until your voice faded into nothing
I used to believe in something

I purged the monsters from my soul
into this angry ocean, I lost all control

I admit, some of it felt like I was being lifted
from the pressure of this residence
some kind of archaic defiance — would not out its sight
like a firefly this light would flicker in the night time sky

I resisted the urge to fly away
instead I learned to weep with our mother
as the rain to water the gardens of history



We were so solitary
My heart was beating slowly
Sleeping in the dark
We were so alone
I felt you close to me
My soul cried out to be free
I felt your eyes on me
You were so beautiful
You smiled through me
As I gathered their attention
What did they see
After not sleeping long
She killed herself that day
And then she asked us why
They littered the clouds with smoke
A cigarette ash sky
But they don’t understand
For they’ve already seen
The paint get wasted

On an art of nothing
Leave this on the dark shore
Where the sun never touches
Through these empty rooms
Let them find a place
Let them read your mind
And sing for joy
For life is so quick
And there’s no time to die